Tattoo Girls: Fine Tattoo Work


     Beautiful American Traditional tattoos and pliant Japanese Style tattoos attract many fans.

      Mr. Lucky Bastard is an American tattoo artist who has and has been given the honorary name "Horiko". He has worked at "Scratch Addiction" in Harajuku, Tokyo, he visits Japan once or twice a year. “I received this name "Horiko" from Horiyoshi two years ago. I respect Horiyoshi's Japanese tebori techniques and Japanese style tattoo. I've shown my book to Horiyoshi many times before he finally accepted me after showing photos of my Japanese style tattoo works." Mr. Lucky is one of few foreigners Horiyoshi has given a name to. Before Mr. Lucky started this studio, he traveled all over the world studying different styles of tattooing. He watched traditional hand sculpting tattooing in Samatra Island, Marawi Island, he studied many traditional tattoo artists. "It was great study for me because I love the traditional way of tattooing and I'm serious about it. I like the Japanese way of tattooing. Japanese tattoo artists consider tattoo a part of the body, so they create artwork along with the bodyline so it looks natural. "I'm studying how muscle is built and I pay attention to the body line when I create a tattoo, then the tattoo looks natural to the body and the technique is great." Many customers come to Fine Tattoo Work and ask for Japanese designs because they keep the American traditional tattoo style with the quality of fine Japanese tattoos. This tattoo studio has a large open space, Mr. Lucky said, "This style of tattoo studio is the future, we like to have open space because there's nothing to hide, it's ideal to be open to the customers. This can only happen because we are very sanitary and safe. All the staff is like family and we are very friendly to customers and this is the ideal tattoo studio and the future of tattoo. Mr. Lucky has such a sweet personality, which reflects his collective of great tattoo artists who have many return customers. "Get a positive tattoo,” said Mr. Lucky. He adds happiness into a dark motif, American traditional tattoo and positive design is the reason why fans support it.
Tattoo Girls (Japan)
May 2007

Tattoo Girls Overseas cover
Lucky Bastard (Horiko), Chantal, Chip Douglas, Ben Fitzgerald, JD St. Berdoo, and Angela, they eat lunch together everyday like a family.

Very large studio. There’s no divider in the main floor and some booths can be for women to feel safe. Very comfortable space makes you relax.

They have large sign, very noticeable from the busy street. The studio is stately, it's easier for customers to hop in.

This studio's original merchandise. All the T-shirts have men & women's sizes. They have many varieties of merchandises like sweat shirts, cap, shorts, etc.
 Even the large tattoo is placed along the muscle's form, it looks wonderful on women, and the dignified flower is very attractive.

 The expression of the flower turns up, clear color make small flowers look fresh.
They also design Japanese style tattoos. The use of bright colors and fresh looks is very attractive.

Lisa: Mr. Lucky did her tattoo. "It always hurts but I'm willing to sit through a few hours of pain for something forever beautiful."

Tiger design done by Horiyoshi in Japan. Picture of the head is a drawn by Horiyoshi, it's a gift from Horiyoshi.

Maple leaf reminds you of Japanese tattoos, beautiful flow. They all look great on her.

Bright colors make this design look feminine. The expression of the woman looks amazing, the design has great balance.
Sketch drawn by red pencil. There is a wall with tons of sketches. This is a staff member sketching a Japanese design, the Koi fish looks energetic and fresh.

Window displays are what Mr. Lucky cares about. "I want to stay with the history, this is the reproduction of the apartment where I first started as a tattoo artist.
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